CS 294-5: Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics

Fall 1997

Course Materials


Mechanics of Manipulation (2nd edition) by M. T. Mason, MIT Press, Cambridge MA, 1997 (forthcoming).
Copies of the latest draft will be provided in class.

Papers for Class Presentations and Research Projects

will cover a wide variety of topics, for example a programmable parts feeder, automatic generation of assembly fixtures, or manipulation with massively-parallel micro actuator arrays. Papers may be chosen, among other sources, from

  • Algorithms for Robotic Motion and Manipulation (editors J.-P. Laumond and M. Overmars,), A. K. Peters Ltd., Wellesley MA, 1997.
  • Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics (editors K. Goldberg, D. Halperin, J.-C. Latombe, and R. Wilson), A. K. Peters Ltd., Wellesley MA 1995.

Selection of Papers

Visibility and Recognizability
E. Paulos and J. Canny, Fast Construction of Near Optimal Probing Strategies
Y.-B. Jia and M. Erdmann, The Complexity of Sensing by Point Sampling

Minimalism and Controllability
S. Akella, W. H. Huang, K. M. Lynch, and M. T. Mason, Sensorless Parts Feeding with a One Joint Robot
K.-F. Böhringer, B. R. Donald, and N. C. MacDonald, Upper and Lower Bounds for Programmable Vector Fields with Applications to MEMS and Vibratory Parts Feeders
L. Kavraki, Part Orientation With Programmable Vector Fields: Two Stable Equilibria for Most Parts

Algorithms for Manufacturing
R. Brost and K. Goldberg, A Complete Algorithm for Synthesizing Modular Fixtures for Polygonal Parts
J. W. H. Tangelder, J. S. M. Vergeest, and M. Overmars Freeform Shape Machining Using Minkowski Operations
C. Wentink, A. F. van der Stappen, and M. Overmars, Algorithms for Fixture Design
H. Moradi and K. Goldberg, Compiling Assembly Plans into Hard Automation

Motion Planning and Mobile Robots
S. Lavalle, D. Lin, L. J. Guibas, and J.-C. Latombe, Finding an Unpredictable Target in a Workspace with Obstacles
C. Langier, C. Bard, M Cherif, and A. Joukhadar, Solving Complex Motion Planning Problems by Combining Geometric and Physical Models: The Case of a Rover and of a Dexterous Hand
K. M. Lynch and M. T. Mason, Stable Pushing: Mechanics, Controllability, and Planning

Design and Assembly
R. H. Wilson and J.-C. Latombe, Geometric Reasoning About Mechanical Assembly
M. Frecker, G. K. Anathasuresh, S. Nishiwaki, N. Kikuchi, S. Kota, Topological Synthesis of Compliant Mechanisms Using Multi-Criteria Optimization
M. Goldwasser and R. Motwani, Complexity Measures for Assembly Sequences

B. Mirtich and J. Canny, Impulse-Based Dynamic Simulation

Computational Algebra and Geometry
D. Halperin and M. Sharir, Arrangements and Their Applications in Robotics: Recent Developments

Some of the papers are available online.

For more information contact
goldberg@ieor.berkeley.edu, 643-9565 or karl@ieor.berkeley.edu, 642-4559