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Project Overview

Objective: To create an interface between the WWW and a linear programming solver allow anyone with access to the Web to submit a linear program and have it solved.

There has been a proliferation of linear programming solver software since 1980 (ex : CPLEX, LINGO, MINOS, etc). Each solver implements different algorithms (Simplex method, Interior-Point method, etc) and offers different options (sensititvity analysis, basic certificates, etc).

Depending on the problem to be solved, some solvers can be more or less efficient than other in terms of speed, accuracy, number of iterations and available options.

The first step of our project will be to create an interface between a linear programming solver and the web so that a user can submit his problem through the internet in order to have it solved.

The second step will be to allow the user to chose between several solvers. In our case, we will permit the user to use two different solvers using:

  • the simplex method
  • the dual simplex method

The last step will be to compare the efficiency of the two algorithms available on our server. In order to do so, the problems will be submited to the two solvers at the same time. Then, we will compare the time required by each solver to find the solution and deduce which is the most efficient solver for that particular problem.

We have the following additional information:

Or you can use the solver software:

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